Market leader in the field of 

compressed Air and Gas treatment.


Our International and local design ability give us
a comprehensive range of solutions for the Industrial markets.

Compressed Air And Gas Filtration Unit

Compressed Air Filtration

Refrigeration & Desiccant Air Dryers

Oily Water Separators And Condensate Drains

After Coolers & Condensate

Absorbents And Desiccant Media

Adsorbents & Desiccant Media

Air Auditing

Air Auditing & Monitoring

Fornova Gas is a market leader in natural gas compression, including designing and manufacturing compressors for CNG, Biogas and Biomethane applications.



Zan-Tech is a specialist supplier in adsorbents.



Zan-tech are proud to be the official agents for the below International suppliers. This supply chain ensures that we can offer the most comprehensive Air and gas purification solution in Southern Africa.