Desiccant Technologies Group Dehumidifier

New Dehumidifier Range

ZAN-TECH is proud to announce their new range of Dehumidifier’s from the DT Group in Europe.

This exciting new range of top-quality Dehumidifiers are intended for use in both industrial and commercial applications where dry ambient air is required.

How exactly do they work?

A dehumidifier removes water from the air flow that passes through it. The main component in this whole process is an adsorption rotor that is made of a special substance that is able to absorb the water molecules out of the process air or the air passing through. When saturated with moisture, the rotor is then turned over into regeneration zone, where it is dried with reactivation air also known as heated air. The warm, humid regeneration air is removed out of the unit (Wetair) and the rotor is once again ready to absorb water molecules.

Typical application areas  for these types of dehumidifiers include the Pharmaceutical Industry for tableting, encapsulation and storage; Warehousing for cold storage, grain silos and prevention of corrosion; Museums and Archives; the Chemical Industry for storage of moisture sensitive chemicals, increased storage life cement and pneumatic transport; and Food and Beverage for cold storage rooms.

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