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With over than 150 compressors already operational in Biomethane production plants, FORNOVO GAS is the main leader in Europe concerning this sector. Thanks to quality of materials and to technical solutions, our compressors are extensively used in operative systems of natural gas derived by biomass.

gives particular attention to components in direct contact with gas blends, which, in biogas field, have on their structure and composition, very aggressive elements. For this reason, many of main constructors of Upgrading systems, use FORNOVO GAS products in order to clean their Biogas plants from CO2 and from hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Once Biogas is upgraded to Biomethane, you can use our compressors for:

Biomethane grid injection. Biomethane is injected directly into the regional grid with outlet pressure from 16 to 40 bar or into the main gas transmission grid with outlet pressure from 41 to 100 bar.Biomethane liquefaction (LBG).

Biomethane is compressed to 15, 20, 30 or 40 bar and liquefied at -160°C through a cryogenic heat exchanger. The LBG product is finally stored in a cryogenic vessel.

Biomethane underground storing or compressing the Biomethane to 250 or 300 bar depending on the country to transport it.BIONGV Station. Biomethane is compressed to 250 or 300 bar to refill public or private fleets of vehicles that run on natural gas (NGVs).

Below is the typical diagram of a Biomethane production plant: