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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

The significance of Compressed Natural gas (CNG), as alternative fuels in natural gas-powered vehicles (NGV) to petrol and diesel, has recently increased a lot . Alongside high fuel prices, the reasons for this include in particular the pollution our environment suffers when mineral oil products are burned.

The use of CNG reduce a lot the CO2 emissions.Natural gas must be compressed to high pressures for transport, storage and onward sale. Uncompromising safety, the quality of all technical systems and the cleanliness of the natural gas are thus the essential requirements to be met by a safe and cost-effective natural gas operation.

FORNOVO GAS has more than 40 years experience in planning and implementation of durable and reliable CNG stations. By working together in close partnership to customer all over the world, we design, test and implement your CNG fuelling station, whether for a small private fleet or a large bus or trucks station.

Below is the typical scheme of a refueling online station

The advanced design of the key components is based on the very latest industry technology and is constantly undergoing development. Low oil consumption, thanks to our not lubricated cylinders, high energy efficiency of the system and exceptional reliability are the impressive results of this continuous process of optimization.

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