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Compact Oxygen & Nitrogen Generators

Mentis Compact Series Oxygen Generators produce from 3Nm3/h to 5 Nm3/h of oxygen per hour at up to 93 +3 % oxygen concentration. Mentis Compact Series Nitrogen Generators produce from 3Nm3/h to 5 Nm3/h of nitrogen per hour at up to 99.999% nitrogen concentration.

When electricity and pressured air are supplied, these dependable oxygen & nitrogen generators can provide oxygen or nitrogen for many application.

Compact & Mobile Design, Easy to carry, Cost-effective, Low energy consumption, Small area usage, Best Quality Nitrogen Or Oxygen Generation, Lightweight, Maximum performance.


• All in one Designed Medical Oxygen Generating Unit
• Oil-free scroll compressor integrated
• Air and Oxygen storage tanks are used as the skid of the generator
• Easy installation & operation and maintenance
• Plug & Play with compact dimensions
• For especially small institutions, having limited space