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Medical Grade Oxygen

Covid patients needing to be on Ventilators are in a life and death situation when it comes to hospital Oxygen availability.

Zan-Tech provides MEDICAL GRADE Oxygen in Portable All-In-One units or complete Containerised solutions.
To be installed at Emergency Field hospitals, Clinics, and or as a supplementation to existing hospital liquid oxygen installations.

Recent Projects:

All In One Compact Medical Oxygen Solution.

Compact Type Medical Oxygen Unit
Mentis Compact Medical Oxygen units can produce up to 5Nm3 with the purity of minimum 93% Oxygen Concentration. When only electricity is supplied, these dependable and advantageous machines can provide both medical oxygen and air for your demand.

• Produces oxygen from atmosphere air
• Microprocessor controlled.
• Automatic and unattended operation.
• Touchscreen control panel with integrated oxygen concentration monitor.
• Up to 10 hours Uninterruptible Power Supply system. (Optional)
• Solar power Charging System. (Optional)
• All in one Designed Medical Oxygen Generator for especially Small Institutions, Having Limited Space.
• Easy Instalation & Operation and Maintenance.
• Plug & Play with Compact dimensions.

Mobile Medical Oxygen Containers.

Mentis Container type Oxygen generators produce oxygen up to 95% +-%1 oxygen concentration. (99% available if required)

Mentis Container type Nitrogen generators produce nitrogen up to 99.999% nitrogen concentration.

Special designed mobile container plants include high pressured “Cylinder Re-filling Unit ” with oil-free oxygen compressor.

Equipment designed for oxygen or nitrogen production. High quality, guarantee. Logistics, service! High-purity oxygen or nitrogen generation. Minimum maintenance costs. Extended service life.

• Produces oxygen from air and refilling to empty cylinders
• Microprocessor controlled
• Low operating cost
• Automatic and unattended operation
• Easy to install and maintain
• Touchscreen control panel with integrated oxygen concentration monitor

High Pressure Medical Oxygen Bottled Solutions.

High Pressure Bottled Oxygen

Nm3 = (Normal cubic meter) gas measured 1 atmosphere and 0°C2-Stage Oil Free with Air Cooling Compression Technology with 4 Cylinders bank capacity filling port, manifolds and high pressure hoses & fittings.

Product Oxygen Quality:
• Oxygen : 95% +-1% (99% optional)
• Water content : <67 ppm (dew pt.< -73°C)
• CO : < 2 pm
• CO2 : < 150 ppm
• SO2 : 0 ppm
• NOx : 0 ppm

Product Oxygen Quality:
150 bar (200 bar version available on request)

How does an Oxygen Generator work?

Mentis S-PSA “Management of Athmospheric Contamination Movement”

• This is the most distinctive feature that distinguishes our technology from other PSA oxygen and nitrogen generating technologies.

• Compressed air is a source of many contaminations while compressing. We are sure that; Pressurized air coming from compressors is not suitable for separation process yet. That’s why, pressurized air must be cleaned, separated until free from contaminants completely.

• S-PSA technology is composed of a two stage PSA cycles. First stage cycle is purifier the compressed air from all contaminations and unwanted gaseous. Second stage cycle is just separating to product gas from other gaseous.

• These process developed by Mentis for long life and high purity air separation technique.

How does an Oxygen Generator work?

Air contains 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, 0.9% Argon and 0.1% other trace gases. Mentis S-PSA Oxygen Generation Systems separate this oxygen from Compressed Air through a unique process called Pressure Swing Adsorption.
(PSA). The Pressure Swing Adsorption process for the generation of enriched oxygen gas from ambient air utilises the ability of a synthetic Zeolite Molecular Sieve to absorb mainly nitrogen.

While nitrogen concentrates in the pore system of the Zeolite, Oxygen Gas is produced as a product.