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Oil & Gas

FORNOVO GAS compressors are often used in refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG production plants or for various Upstream or Downstream process applications.

In some fields the use of OIL FREE cylinder technology is really appreciated, and for this reason FORNOVO GAS has developed a full range of cylinders both for low and high pressure.

The choice of materials used for compression depends on the mixture of the gas to be compressed (for example dry or wet natural gas, propane, syngas, nitrogen or other).

The main fields of application already dealt with are:

Gas Well Depletion and Wellhead, with typical 5-60 bar inlet pressures and 50-100 bar outlet pressures.
Gas Gathering, with typical 0.5-5 bar inlet pressures and 15-50 bar outlet pressures.
Gas Lift, with typical inlet pressures 5-10 bar and outlet pressures 50-150 bar.
Flare and Vent Gas Recovery (Offshore and Onshore), with typical inlet pressures from 0.1 to 0.5 bar and outlet pressures from 10 to 20 bar.
Gas Storage Injection, with typical 50-60 bar inlet pressures and 100-300 bar outlet pressures.
Pipeline Transmission, with typical 35-60 bar inlet pressures and 60-90 bar outlet pressures.

As for the fields of application linked to the Petrochemical industry, we can mention the Compression of Natural Gas for the production of Inert Gases, with typical input pressure 3-5 bar and outlet pressure 15-25 bar.

As for the LNG production plants, the fields of application are essentially two:
Boil Off Gas Recovery, with typical 0-5 bar inlet pressures and 30-40 bar outlet pressures.
Small Scale LNG Production Plant, with typical 0-40 bar inlet pressures and 200-250 bar outlet pressures.

Select the application of your interest and find out the best FORNOVO GAS solution.