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FORNOVO GAS compressors can compress even the most common technical gases like: Air, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2.

whose medium or high pressure compression is necessary in various industrial processes.

For these applications the choice of cylinders is obviously OIL FREE in order to guarantee the total absence of contaminations in the compressed gas and a greater efficiency of production processes, given that the availability of Air or Compressed Gas 100% OIL FREE is essential to ensure the correct operation of equipment and machinery. The oil contaminated air, in fact, contaminates the pneumatic systems, obstructs the orifices and promotes the production of condensation in the circuits.

An application where our air boosters are used is typically PET Blowing, the air blowing for the production of PET bottles used for drinks. Typical operating pressures are 8-10 bar at the inlet and 35-45 bar at the outlet.

Carbon dioxide
In the food industry, carbon dioxide is widely used, in particular for the production of carbonated beverages which are enriched with gas during their production. The same carbon dioxide is necessary during the fermentation process of alcoholic beverages. The pressures involved in these processes are usually 0-5 bar at the inlet and 10-20 bar at the outlet.

Given its characteristics, nitrogen is used in many industrial processes as inert gas for the emptying of tanks or pipes (Purging) or to create protective atmospheres for easily oxidizable substances during welding, brazing or hardening processes with typical operating pressures 3 -6 bar at the inlet 20-40 bar at the outlet.

Select the application of your interest and find out the best FORNOVO GAS solution.