Zantech Activated Aluminas

Activated Alumina

Activated alumina is a highly porous media that has a very high affinity for absorbing water vapour. Used for compressed air and gas drying/dehydration. Activated Alumina is typically regenerated by pressure swing in a twin tower dryer or with an external heat source.
i.e. Blower Purge or HOC heat regenerated drying systems. Widely used in general industry, petrochemical, breweries etc
Grades for the removal of fluorides from water are also available.


General Purpose

Alusorb ZT 200 is typically used for the adsorption of water vapour from air and gas streams. Commonly used in compressed air drying systems.

Fluoride Removal

Alusorb KA-402 Alumina is used specifically as a defluorinating agent in liquid applications. It allows for the removal of arsenic and fluoride in drinking water as well being a polishing agent for industrial waste water. Typical applications include, water purification.