Zantech Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon

We supply a large range of Activated Carbons that can be used in the selective elimination of chemical impurities in both liquids and gases. Industries include chemical, metallurgical, water treatment and environmental protection. Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) are also available for Nitrogen generators


A coconut based granular CMS (carbon molecular sieve), specifically produced for Nitrogen generation and gas separation application.

SQ-V series products are irregular granular carbon grades made from coconut shell and nut based raw material. The main use is for the refinement of noble metals and catalyst support.

It is widely used in drinking water treatment, polluted and waste water cleaning, river water cleaning and depth improvement, super pult water-making in electrodes and in the water purification for food industries.

Used for the production of hydrogen, exchange gas decarbonizing and CO2 adsorption and recycling in PSA engineering.

Used for decolorizing and refining in production of foodstuff and medicine.